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Salvation Key Terms



(Taken from the NKJV Study Bible)

Faith-“Faith is belief.” It is the means by which sinful people can experience and enjoy all the blessings of salvation.  It is a complete trust in Jesus for salvation from sin and the coming judgment.  (Romans 1:17, 4:9, 12:6)

 Gospel-“Good News”, Paul uses this word to refer to the wonderful message of forgiveness and eternal life.  (Romans 1:16, 11:28)

 Law – “The commandments given by God.” Paul emphasizes both the holy character of the Law and the inability of sinful people tolive according to it.  The Law becomes a burden and a curse, until we allow it to points us to Christ, who perfectly fulfills all its requirements.  (Romans 2:12, 4:13; 7:12; 10:4, 13:8)

 Propitiation– “the satisfaction of God’s holy wrath against sin”, rebellion against God results in the wrath of God and must be met with judgment.  By dying in our place and taking our sins upon Himself, Jesus satisfies God’s righteous anger against all who believes.  (Romans 3:25)

 Righteousness– “God’s standard of purity” or “God’s own truthfulness and faithfulness”, God is holy, therefore He cannot tolerate sin.  It is through Jesus Christ that we can find righteousness that is acceptable to God.  Christ not only takes away our sin, but He grants us His perfect purity.  (Romans 3; 5, 5:17, 9:30)

 Sin – “Missing the Mark” or “disobedience to God’s law, “several different Greek words are used by Paul to describe the tendency of humans to revel against God. Sin can be broadly defined as any attitude or action that opposes the character and will of God.  Sin is what brings death – that is, separation from God.

(Romans 3:9, 5:12, 7:11; 8:2; 14:23)