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The source of all spiritual power and authority comes from the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

Our vision for this website is that it provides the power and anointed resources needed to assist you in plugging into the power source – The Holy Spirit and the Word of God by.


 Dr. Graham is the Founder and Executive Director of Word Seed Ministries, Inc. in Melrose Park, Illinois. Word Seed Ministries is a 501(c) 3 non-profit international organization that serves as an intermediary dedicated to strengthening and expanding the capacity of faith-based and community organizations.  The following mission and goals are the bedrock of Word Seed ministry:

Ministry Objectives

To fulfill the plan the Lord has for my life by drawing strength and encouragement from Him through His Word, consecrated prayer time, fellowship with the body of Christ through faithful church attendance, utilizing my spiritual gifts in the areas of administration and teaching, and following the objectives and goals the Lord puts in my heart.

"I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me" (Psalm 57:2).



Word Seed Ministries believes that the source of all spiritual power and authority comes from the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. The mission and goals of Word Seed Ministries are to:

  • Make the mystery of the gospel and the will of God’s known to all men.


  • Releasing the hidden riches of God so that believers will experience supernatural anointing to release God’s blessings in every aspect of their lives.


  • To reach the unsaved with the Good News of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ and disciple them for Christian Ministry.


  • To provide teaching, Christ-centered messages, ministry, mentorship, outreaches, media, radio broadcast ministry, and all other accessible avenues for proclamation of the Gospel.


  • To conduct workshops, seminars, programs, mentoring activities, training, and mission outreach to religious and community organizations and groups.


  • To assist developing countries in their efforts to disciple their members and get the gospel out by providing spiritual and material assistance to meet the religious needs of those organizations.



Dr. Graham is an International Bible Teacher and Radio Speaker. Her 4-day weekly radio podcasts expand throughout the United States and all over the world.  She teachers four days a week (three times each day) on the New Creations Christian Ministry Network WNCN).  New Creations Christian Networks is a 24/7, 365 days a year, live streaming radio podcast that provides Christian teaching, worship, and praise. The theme for WNCN is Building up the spiritual man through the knowledge of the Kingdom of God.” 



Since December 2019 Dr. Graham has taught the Word of God (WORD SEEDS) on 11 radio broadcasts  6 days a week in 7 states. 


KCNW (1389 AM)                Kansas City, Kansas

KCNW (96.1 FM)                 Kansas City, Kansas  

WITK (1550 AM)                  Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA

WITK (94.7 FM)                    Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA

WVTJ 610 AM)                     Pensacola, Florida

WVJT (105.3 FM)                 Pensacola, Florida

WASG (540 AM)                  Mobile, Alabama

WASF (106.1 FM)                Mobile, Alabama

KERI (1420 AM)                   Bakersfield, CA

WSKY (1230 AM)                Ashville, North Carolina

WFAM (1050 AM)                Augusta Georgia



The purpose of the radio ministry is to augment the teaching, hearing, and spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The programs are called “Word Seeds.”


Word Seed Ministries broadcast 2 days a week on WWCR.

WWCR has four 100,000-Watt, state of the art, transmitters which serve the world on 10 different broadcasting channels. The transmitters provide over 400 religious and talk programs direct from Nashville, Tennessee, USA, to a global audience that reaches the entire world.


DAILY FACEBOOK BLOGS (5 days a week). Word Seed takes the Gospel to the people where they are via the internet.

A variety of different topics (dictated by the Holy Spirit) offer teachings on Christian and faith-related topics. The purpose is to make sure God is where the people are so they can learn more about Him.


YouTube broadcasts are used as vehicles to help Christian growth and to evangelize the Kingdom for God.  Hundreds of messages from Word Seed Ministries have been converted and placed on the U-tube station.


Word Seed Ministries distributes tracts and Christian literature free of charge to churches and other ministries in third world countries. The ministry partners with organizations throughout the world to assist in communicating the Word of God to the unsaved, those in prisons, youth homes and other facilities that meet the needs for social and spiritual assistance.

The ministry provides at least 20% percent of its resources to causes that align with the Word of God by providing monthly partnership with groups and agencies that support individuals in hospitals, senior citizen homes, orphanages, and nursing homes. An on-going goal is to assist communities and families by assisting with scholarship and endowment needs of colleges and universities and providing community families with needed private school tuition support.


This website for Word Seed Ministries contains information and resources created to build up and edify the body of Christ and assist believers in plugging into the power source – The Holy Spirit and the Word of God.