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 Life Skills are competencies that help people function well in their environments. Our workshops are created to assist youth in developing life skills they can use in their everyday lives that will help them successfully transition into adulthood. The workshops are designed to be inclusive to meet the specific needs of individual youth groups.


Empowering Youth to Identify their Leadership Potential

Youth will gain a better understanding of the definition of leadership and its associated knowledge and skills. Both the comprehension of the concept of leadership and varied leadership theories are foundational in developing personal, organizational, and community leadership skills. 

 Self Esteem

This workshop works with participants to assist them in articulating their personal life goals and life ambitions.  They are then led to reflectively aim toward achieving them; at the same time, understanding that they have a purpose in life.

Anger Management

Participants develop skills needed in dealing with anger;and to assist them in learning how to reduce the emotional and physiological arousal that anger causes. They also learn the effects of their anger on people and their environment.


This workshop reviews the issues involved in bullying and identifies the impact of bullying on students, schools, families, and communities.  It offers strategies for dealing with bullies and provides knowledge and skills needed to produce responsibility and respect for others.

College and Careers

This workshop provides an opportunity for teens to gain knowledge on skills essential for their professional development. Some topics include financial aid, resume writing and interviewing. Youth are empowered to gain skill in pursuing their career and life aspirations.

Conflict Resolution

This workshop will assist youth in managing personal and social conflict.

Decisions Making and Problem Solving

This interactive workshop will use problem solving activities to assist participants in understanding how to articulate and apply the decision making process.

Test Taking Skills

This workshop will assist participants in understanding basic test taking strategies and assist them in becoming successful test takers by helping them build strategies for specific types of test questions.




All seminars and workshops are customer driven based on the needs of your organization and your outcome goals. To schedule a seminar or retreat, e-mail our office at bgraham5432@sbcglobal.net