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Here are several important and practical suggestions for your studies:

1.  Begin your Bible reading with prayer (Ps 119:18; John 16:13-15).

2.  Take brief notes on what you read. 

3. After reading, ask yourself the following questions? 

        a. What is the main thing that the Lord is telling me?

        b. What does this passage teach me about the state of my heart?

        c. Is there any promise for me to claim?

        d. Does this passage contain any command for me to obey?

        e. Is there any instruction for me to follow?

4.  Meditate on and memorize the key passages that the Lord gives you. 

        To meditate means “to reflect” to “ponder”, to “consider”, and to “dwell in thought. Through meditation, the Word of God will become meaningful and real to you, and the Holy Spirit will use this time to apply the Word to your own life and its problems.

5.  Obey the Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16)


Here is a list of useful tools, information, and resources that you may want to use during your Bible studies.

A Good Study Bible.  You have many choices available to meet your needs and circumstances.

A Bible Dictionary.  These dictionaries are more specific when relating to Biblical terms and circumstances and will focus you on specific terminology and scriptures. I use Vines Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words.  However, there are many useful Bible dictionaries.

Concordances.  Most study Bibles have built in concordances at the end of the Bible. Use those as much as possible.

Bible Commentaries.  The commentaries are chapter and Word specific and have useful information.  Additionally,Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible is a useful tool that assist you in finding and understanding the meaning of every word in the Bible.

Bible Atlases are good if you want to review the actual places in the Bible.

Optional Technology Resources.  You may use Bible and other technology resources. You can also use search engines to find information related to the Bible and Bible topics